Splendid Mykonos

An amazing island, one of the top destinations in the world, Mykonos is the place to be every summer. On Splendid Mykonos Travel Guide we have handpicked the best Mykonos hotels as well as suggestions for the best restaurants in Mykonos and attractions or things to do. Mykonos is a magical island that one must definitely visit in a lifetime. And once visited, you will come back for sure…

Intense nightlife, crystal clear blue water of the Aegean, sandy beaches, traditional architecture, luxury hotels, celebrities and jet set, gay travelers, young couples, ancient monuments and heroic history, make Mykonos a unique mosaic for your vacations.

Mykonos hotels offer the best luxury accommodation options, including high-quality service and the finest technology and hospitality equipment. The bars and clubs of the island are globally famous for the intense parties and eccentric entertainment options. Its sandy beaches are included among the best beaches of Greece. Visit Mykonos this summer and enjoy your vacation in one of the best island destinations.