Appaloosa is an ethnic restaurant in the heart of Mykonos Chora. Dedicated for years to serve tasteful food from Greece, India, Mexico and Indonesia has its fans and ethnic food lovers that returning asking for some more.

The large portions served will please even the most hungry stomach and seems almost hard to believe that all of this smell comes out of one single dish.

Plenty of colors everywhere around from the walls and the ceiling to your own plate will make you eager to dig in and enjoy a delightful meal.

The service is professional and the people hanging out in this restaurant are cheerful and relaxed visiting this place only to have fun and try new tastes from foreign lands and cultures.

Here are served excellent cocktails that you can accompany your meal and give a boost up to your dish travel you away to exotic destinations hearing folk music and yet being in another small, narrow Mykonian alley.

From Guacamole to Samosa bread and from Chicken Burritos to famous Greek Salad there is a great range for you to choose depending on your mood and desire.

There are some tables inside the building and some others outside on the alley so you can sit and watch the passers-by and the switching of day and night that is really awesome to observe, especially during the summer.

A divergent way to spend one of your days and nights in Mykonos island but an unforgettable culinary experience full of tasty surprises.

Leave the hesitations and allow yourself to combine colors and flavors, textures and liquids all to serve one similar purpose and that is to lift you up and make you feel energetic and adventurous.

We love “Appaloosa” for…

  • the great range of dishes
  • the tasty ethnic food
  • the folk-colorful decoration