Hippie Fish

Hippie Fish is the restaurant of the modern and new hotel in Mykonos under the same name located in Agios Ioannis beach close to Chora. Created only to serve the best to its guests, the team in the kitchen is dedicated entirely to this purpose.

Fresh seafood, mainly, and other local delicacies are cooked daily for you using only the finest raw materials and vegetables by the Mykonian land. The chef follows the Cycladic tradition in excellent fish, oyster, and dishes with fantasy and colors.

There is nothing further than you would ask as the amazingly executed meal, that will come before you on the table, hit you with the strong, mesmerizing smell and the beautiful palette of the colorful ingredients will fulfill your wish of having a lovely lunch or dinner.

The tables are next to the beach and the sea waves and the view of the sunset are really unbelievable as you are enjoying rich flavors along with Greek assortments and a nice glass of wine that the staff will be glad to suggest you.

Beach like decoration and simple lines with natural colors and fabrics make the restaurant a culinary heaven ready to welcome people around the world with different habits and taste.

Feel free to ask the guidance of the staff according to the choice of the right wine label since it has become more than a tradition here and something that has to be done in order a perfect meal to be completed.

Think about the sound of the wind and the bright, vivid colors of nature around as you succumb to the beauty of an original Greek plate. Take a bite and forget about the rest…be a part of this body and soul!

We love “Hippie Fish” for…

  • the amazing sunsets
  • the natural decoration
  • the wine labels