Absolut Mykonos Suites & More

Absolut Mykonos Suites & More is a new hotel in Chora of the island that reflects all the Mykonos experience. The absolute way to feel it like a local and at the same time live it like a traveler.

Personal service and authenticity characterize this beautiful hotel and give a different aspect of how the whole hotel experience should be like without too much of formality but with professionalism and personal style.

Minimal and modern decorated rooms, with pale Mediterranean colors everywhere and natural materials, give peace and harmony to the guests’ soul and allow them to just lay back and enjoy it as long as it last!

The staff can arrange for you private massage sessions and can book for you many excursions and fancy experiences in Mykonos so you take with you the ultimate feeling of an amazing vacation living when it’s time to depart.

All the rooms are fully equipped with the latest in technology and a discrete luxury touch and of course all of the personal amenities you may need. Pure fabrics and fine textures embrace your body to give you an extra asset of choosing this heavenly place for your stay.

High hospitality standards and the ambition to become always better and better, bring the guest closer to achieve his target of having the best services possible during his stay.

Absolut Mykonos Suites & More is waiting to transmit you the complete Mykonos experience even if you have just some days in this heaven on earth!





Our Address:

Mykonos Chora