Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel

Spending your vacation in Mykonos, one of the most well-known islands for its extravagant tastes and options in the world does not always mean to dive into this super luxurious way of life and Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel is the living proof of it.

A tasteful complex of 27 rooms that most are either brand new or recently renovated and fully equipped with all the necessary facilities that a modern house should have. Share memorable moments with friends and family in a safe, comfort boutique hotel with modern decoration and many conveniences to offer you the relaxation you are looking for on vacation.

A warm “welcome” from the staff and the genuine hospitality offered will give you the right impression about this small but so unique island in the whole Mediterranean sea, that is almost like it has been created to spread the word of peace and harmony into the rest of the world.

Smiles everywhere and endless moments of pure relaxation and serenity all day long. The Aegean blue will feed your mind and soul with unforgettable vivid images and Spa Treatments will alleviate your body as well from any pressure or physical pain creating a magical pot puri of a perfect holiday trip.

You have the choice to lay under the sun by the pool of Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel and enjoy the special cocktails or just follow the road that leads to Ftelia beach and observe the kite and windsurfers doing their difficult job to overpower the mighty sea.

If you would like to take your calmness on step further then try to take some yoga sessions that are taking place in the open and feel all that energy flows in you and give you a completely new aspect of living letting you welcome the positive energy in your life.


We love “Ftelia Bay Boutique Hotel” for…

  • the simple elegance
  • the warm hospitality
  • the yoga sessions