Myconian Avaton

One more, yet fine and rare, jewel of the superior hotel and resort chain “Myconian Collection” is the Myconian Avaton resort in Elia. Famous for the unique sandy beach and the particular preference that the people show each year this area make no wonder why it was chosen for this magnificent resort to be built.

This architectural miracle is established on a hill that ends up to the edge of the sea it escalates its beauty and awesomeness as you going higher and higher to the upper hillsides.

Fully equipped with all the modern and totally necessary amenities to every single one of its suite and villa, Myconian Avaton motivates even the most skeptical guest to dive into the luxury and the heart coming hospitality that comes naturally by all of the staff, to live for a while and unforgettable memory of relaxation and perfectly custom made treatments.

Huge terraces with un-obstructive view to the Aegean sea and olive trees to some of them, Myconian Avaton is true holiday thesaurus that provokes anyone to find, keep close and never to let go.

Exclusive five-star services and beyond imagination aesthetics will blow your mind away as you are enjoying yourself with your favorite cocktail, laying on the luxurious chairs in your private veranda beside your own pool, gazing at the endless blue reflections around.

The over-the-ordinary living to Myconian Avaton resort is a story to tell back home when no one is going to believe that you have the time of a lifetime treated like royals should be treated and having experiences knowing no borders as far as your satisfaction and entertainment is concerned.

It is probably one of those choices you have to make without thinking but acting. Believe in the impossible and promise yourself to let go and leave it to people of Myconian Avaton to handle the situation as the perfectly know.

We love “Myconian Avaton” for…

  • the elegance with no limits
  • the amazing view
  • the extraordinaire personalized services