Myconian Utopia

A lost paradise in deep Aegean blue waters is one of the younger children of Myconian Collection famous hotel and resort hospitality chain, Myconian Utopia. A marvelous resort newly built to continue the fine reputation of a legendary hospitality empire.

Its name was given not accidently at all and that is easily noticeable from the very first step that you are going to take entering its magical world.

Located in the cosmopolitan Elia beach, extremely famous for the very important people visiting the beach every summer, as well as for the mesmerizing turquoise waters, Myconian Utopia is perfectly placed hidden away from the crowdy places and still a well-kept secret for those who know how to be picky and where is the place that can give them all.

A resort that is looking as heavenly as in fact, it is! High-level services and equal to an upper-class resort with genuine Myconian hospitality and personalized services, it provides its guest with care and makes them feel as unique and important as they should.

Grand villas and oversized suites with extra facilities in their balconies welcoming guests that expect the best possible treatment from those who have made hospitality a way of life.

The view from anywhere around is at least breathtaking. You can look for hours and hours the blue horizon in front of you and feel the light breeze coming directly from the Aegean to your face as a soft kiss.

Sunsets even more amazing with hundreds of colors to make a cosmic rainbow of blue, pink, purple and red all over.

Bring along only your appetite for having a great time on your vacation and a big, bright smile. That is more than enough to be truly happy and sense the true euphoria of Mykonos island.

We love “Myconian Utopia” for…

  • the size of the villas
  • the chill out atmosphere
  • the breathtaking view