Mykonos No5 Luxury Residences and Lofts

A brand new and perfectly located hotel in an alternative spot in Mykonos island. Built upon a higher cliff starring on a beautiful bay near the famous Ornos beach. Mykonos No5 Luxury Residences and Lofts is the modern entry in Mykonos hotels.

Kanalia Village is a beautiful place near to Mykonos Chora and all of the famous, amazing beaches to explore and numerous restaurants and local taverns and seaside bars.

Enjoy the sunlight every hour of the day and feel the greek summer entering your soul. The white element dominates in every of the hotel’s corner and natural colors and materials dress the spaces create the absolute relaxing feeling of being on vacation.

Feel the warmth of hospitality in the hotel that becoming more and more the talk-of-the-town and let the staff escort you in your private room and the luxury of your suite with the stunning view of the Aegean.

In Mykonos No5 Luxury Residences and Lofts you are inviting to be part of the adventure. A quivering place dancing in the strong vibes of the Cycladic jewel. Take position to run into this feel good experience with luxurious amenities and realization of every wish of yours with no limits.

Minimal style and high-quality furniture meet the elegance and the lavishness that you expect to find in Mykonos hotels along with a more personal touch and a modern aspect.

Relax on your terrace looking at the starry sky and the dazzling lights across the hill as they mirrored on the black sea surface hearing only the whisper of a distant song and the wind coming from the sea.

We love “Mykonos No5 Luxury Residences and Lofts

  • the dazzling view
  • the promising fame
  • the extra qualitative amenities