Liasti is located west of Mykonos in Lia beach, which is still a beach for those who seek quality and style but away from the crowds. Liasti resort is a complex of a beachfront bar, a restaurant, a clothing and accessories boutique and many beauty services on the beach.

You can order your lunch on the huge sunbeds next to the sea and enjoy the sound of the waves along with a delicious meal served by extra helpful and polite staff.

The beach is unspoiled and preserves its authenticity by inviting a specific number of people every summer, particular those who are familiar with the other side of Mykonos, the one with the low profile that keeps the cosmopolitan element but remains discreet.

Excellent seafood and well-cooked meat, big fresh salads and side dishes all works of fusion, exotic cuisine using the best ingredients available along with a lot of fantasy and recreation.

In Liasti Resort operates also one delicate boutique to dress you with the appropriate beach clothing and accessories as well as a vibrant, modern bar with ambient music and parties all summer long.

The atmosphere is relaxed and the people come and go moving indolent enjoying the sun and the sand hearing chill out music and wearing beach loose clothing.

Try something new and fancy, something that you have never taste before and bring the experience home with you that will always remind you about the special time you spent in Mykonos and the Liasti Resort putting a smile on your face even on a hard routine day.

We love “Liasti” for…

  • the quite spot
  • the exotic cuisine
  • the proximity to the beach