Nammos, a name declares luxury, extravagance, and fun that knows no limits. More than a beach bar and more than just a fancy restaurant, this place is the reason why Psarrou beach becomes so popular to the crowds around the world and an always good idea for visiting the island.

Among the rich and famous and among the young and the restless spirits, Nammos was created only to bring the new and the extraordinaire in Mykonos history and to bring all these people together to fulfill a higher cause. That of having fun with no regrets and second thoughts, with no hesitation and holding backs!

Visible from above the cliff as you arrive in the area of Psarrou, it is most probably the first thing that will catch your attention and eye due to its size and the bright colors of its decoration. Extra lavish sunbeds made out of the finest of wood and especially for this place, will offer rest and relaxation for hours into the shade of your private sun umbrella.

The staff of Nammos is more than willing and happy to assist you with whatever you may need, apart from the unparallel professionalism shown even on the pick hours when the beach is overflown with the international jet set, wants to be spoilt having personalized service.

A sea food feast is waiting for those who love to have the finest and freshest fish directly from the Aegean sea to their plate, prepared by chefs that are masters of the art of making miracles out of the sea treasures.

If you had any wish on your mind for the best vacation time, no matter how impossible it might look, it can be done. A place where your five senses are not enough. Release your inner self and let your instincts be your guide. Leave your dream!

We love “Nammos” for…

  • the unique services
  • the lavishness beyond borders
  • the sea food feast