Remezzo first established in 1967 and since then brings through time the endless Mykonian element to its guests. Right on the edge of the picturesque harbor of Mykonos the restaurant is the timeless jewel of the island visited by so many celebrities and VIP’s like no other place.

Beloved meeting point for all the groups of people and ages serves for over six decades marvelous drinks and cocktails and amazing food with its tables stand next to the sea gazing at the Aegean blue and the magnificent horizon.

With stunning seafood tartare and carpaccios and specially made other seafood and meat creations will blow your mind away with such nicely mixed flavors and the freshness of each.

Many parties till the sun rises and private events are taking place during summer as well as DJ sets and many many other venues that becoming a-must-to-go for all the Mykonos visitors to have a little pure fun and to admire Mykonos glory to its very best.

A favorite hour to visit is, of course, the sunset that will steal your heart and that you will always carry with you wherever you may be and whatever you may do in the future, making even the darkest routine days of winter time brighter and easier to survive.

Pictures like you are looking something supernatural happening in front your own eyes nature gives it all to shake up your world with feelings and images that will be printed forever inside you.

Wear something cozy and loose and holding your beloved cocktail take your sit and order a fresh salad and the freshest fish by the polite staff embracing all the essence of the island.

We love “Remezzo” for…

  • the ageless superiority
  • the fresh seafood
  • the scenic spot