At the edge of Ftelia bay, in the northern part of Mykonos, there is a place stands out for its originality and beauty, that is so much different from any other “Mykonos-like” bar or restaurant you come across on the island. Alemàgou is the meeting point of all these persons who dare to choose the totally different and think outside of the box!

Mykonos has its alternative corner for those who like to see the locals’ opinion that “Mykonos is for all” taking life.
Alemàgou offers repeatedly for years now in front of its small yet amazing beach refreshing drinks and fresh, local dishes, strong vibes and relaxation beyond imagination.

The guests follow the aura that is surrounding this unique location and let themselves free into the authentic and true hospitality and the relaxing feelings that coming from everywhere. Happy faces, interesting personalities, and tons of sand underneath your bare foots.

This special home without doors or windows brags having the sun as rooftop all day long and the sea breeze to cooling a bit its guests that can’t get enough of the stunning view of the blue sea and the rough stone walls ending up to the waves.

Alemàgou has always something new to suggest as there is almost every day during the summer something going on from private parties to wedding ceremonies and beach receptions, special Dj sets and so much more.

In the restaurant, you can try true greek flavors and Mediterranean delicacies all fresh and well-cooked based in recipes from the Cyclades and Greece using local ingredients and seasonal vegetables and fruits.

The team will also suggest you have a daily trip to Rinia island with a wooden boat first made in 1985 taking lunch on board and having fun by experience the snorkeling and the swimming in the absolute turquoise waters of this tiny island.

We love “Alemàgou” for…

  • the alternative location
  • the relaxing atmosphere
  • the simple yet tasteful dishes