The restaurant Apaggio in Mykonos, at Ornos, offers Greek cuisine, in an idyllic setting by the sea. With beautiful decoration, white tables, and comfortable sofas, it is a real shelter to eat delicacies of the sea along with the traditional ouzo or raki.

The menu includes fresh fish from Mykonos, sea urchins, scallops, and octopus. Try fava from Santorini with caramelized onion and capers, salted dumplings with traditional feta cheese and Halloumi from Cyprus, sea urchin salad with ouzo rusks and sea rock fennel, homemade small pies with shrimps, grilled crab, salmon and cod ravioli with citrus sauce, risotto with cuttlefish ink and fresh mussels, grilled swordfish, grilled sea bass or beam, many other delicious specialities of the sea and a wide selection of fine meats.

The mouth melting creations along with the idyllic scenery will take all of your discomforts away and travel you to a place that all worries disappear.

Enjoy one of the finest meals in a great location hearing the sounds of the sea and the wind and watching the sun goes down into the blue water of the Aegean.

The staff will serve you quickly and professionally and is always more that happy to assist you in any choice you have to make either is a matter of food or drinks or a special wine label.

Consider yourself fortunate to have a food experience that will join together a for sure unique vacation time on the island and allow you to lay back and let the masters of taste offer you fresh seafood and side dishes that you will never forget.

We love “Apaggio” for…

  • the friendly staff
  • the tasty seafood
  • the idyllic location

Opening Hours


13.00 - 01.00


13.00 - 01.00


13.00 - 01.00


13.00 - 01.00


13.00 - 01.00


13.00 - 01.00


13.00 - 01.00