By the time you visit Ornos beach at the south part of Mykonos is impossible to miss the fine and ethereal Kuzina restaurant. It first opened its doors several years ago and since then welcomes the guests of the whole island sharing its benefits.

It was one of the first restaurants used the enormous king size sunbeds right in front of the sea, making the beach an extraordinaire place to be and making the people super blessed for being part of it.

Fresh salads and juices, cool drinks and house cocktails, main courses, and desserts all prepared with caution and care from the best team and served by a professional staff that knows well how to make your day even more cheerful and interesting.

During the day, and as the sun is still up, you can have a meal on your sunbeds or on the tables set on the sand wearing your bathing suit and your sunglasses while at night the scenery becomes more dramatic further romantic and classy. Candlelight and lounge music, some beach torches around and a more sophisticated aura will cover the restaurant making it a perfect choice for a dinner and a unique night out.

Here you will never get bored and every day is a totally new chance for you to experience new things and people. You will make conversations with happy personalities and new aspects of life might suddenly lay in front of you.

Free your mind of heavy, negative thoughts and let your spirit be carried away by a different lifestyle and a new way of life. After all, that is why everybody needs a vacation for, to run off the routine and to find out more about ourselves. Take the opportunity and dive in!

We love “Kuzina” for…

  • the alternative location
  • the relaxing atmosphere
  • the simple yet tasteful dishes