Mpalothies restaurant in Mykonos is located in the area of Ornos and has introduced the Cretan cuisine the last years to the island. The guests come to this restaurant to taste authentic Cretan dishes made with care and respect for the tradition.

Crete has its very own philosophy about food and hospitality. Have a delightful meal by the sea and taste creations of the amazing island of Crete, getting to know the habits and the everyday little things of another beloved Aegean island.

The recipes are made only with the best organic ingredients that coming from both Mykonos and Crete, like the mesmerizing Raki drink, and are carefully chosen so as every guest to leave the restaurant with a big smile on his face.

A vivid atmosphere and smiley faces, people that are going to welcome you warmly and place you to the best table to be comfortable and happy with your choice. Here the mood is always like you have entered to one of the Greek summer fests where everybody can part of and enjoy by eating and drinking as much as one wishes.

The decoration is simple and the white color is everywhere to see. Some nights you may also come across a small band of musicians playing folk, mostly, music that goes along with the traditional cooking and the positive feelings that you get from the place.

Become one with the people around you, hear their stories and learn a bit more about this big island with the strong history and the so many customs regarding their food and the Raki of course.

We love “Mpalothies” for…

  • the Cretan rescipes
  • the cozy atmosphere
  • the original Raki drinks

Opening Hours


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Our Address:

Ornos, Mykonos