Νice n Εasy Mykonos

In the area of Alefkandra in Mykonos town, there is a special restaurant overlooking the famous windmills of the island, Nice n Easy is here to stay. First operated in the summer of 2016 this new culinary entry arrived with fresh and innovative ideas that will make you have an even better opinion for the Greek cuisine.

Total organic products and raw materials compose stunning summer dishes inspired by greek nature and the islands. All the ingredients come directly from Greece’s land and local farmers throughout the country. Many of the vegetables and fruits are growing in small farms in Mykonos always organic using biological methods only.

Νice n Εasy Mykonos promises fine tastes and pure delicacies with well-known certified greek products. Love for creation and hospitality to introduce to you the elite of the dishes served on the island. The exclusively home made bread baked in a wooden oven will blow your mind and help you get the whole picture of why Greeks love their food so much.

The famous chef knows what to do to glorify these extra fine materials by creating magnificent full of imagination recipes getting you closer to the local mentality and culture.

Νice n Εasy Mykonos is part of Νice n Εasy Group that includes restaurants established for years in Athens with huge success since the high quality of the food served and the dedication of the people made them beloved spots to all.

You can arrange a big venue or a nice dinner with friends and family and have really good time next to the sea and Little Venice area watching the people that come and go, staring at the town’s light and the full moon hanging from above!

We love “Νice n Εasy Mykonos” for…

  • the always fresh ingredients
  • the modern recipes
  • the organic products only used