Principauté De Mykonos

Principauté De Mykonos is a brand new restaurant located in Panormos beach in the north part of Mykonos island. Built inside the gulf right next to the sea and the sandy beach opened its doors in 2016 to bring a breeze of renovation and luxury.

Already renowned and beloved place by locals and travelers to spend the whole day features all the necessary elements so the guests can feel deeply relaxed and enjoy a lovely meal light dressed by the coastline.

Modern culinary aspect by a creative chef that experiments with various flavors and composes new, unexpected combinations that release happiness into your mouth.

Have a fancy summer cocktail and lay back under the sun while the excellent service of Principauté De Mykonos will guide you to choose the right dishes and make you feel like you have a meal in a familiar, cozy dining room.

All the spaces are decorated with simple, unrefined materials mostly wood and some marble, in white and pale tones giving the place extra charm and making it a really great architectural achievement.

You do not need to dress up to enter this small paradise of taste, just put on something easy going and comfortable and join a peaceful place where anyone will follow only one rule…be your-unique-self!

Visit Principauté De Mykonos either for lunch or dinner and upgrade your vacation in Mykonos to a unique experience that has it all.

We love “Principauté De Mykonos” for…

  • the relaxed atmosphere
  • the fancy recipes
  • the Panormos beach