Spilia Seaside

Next to Kalafatis beach there is a smaller one called Agia Anna. There, is nested a one of a kind restaurant inside of an old cave creation of the sea winds and the sand. Spilia, which means cave in Greek, is a seaside restaurant stands in the same spot for over 30 years hosting people from all over the world.

Beloved for its cuisine and of course for the extraordinaire location seems almost too hard to believe even to your own eyes that a place like this does actually exist.

A beautiful canvas of stone, wood and greenery lays in front of you right next to the waves and the endless blue of the Aegean.

Spilia Seaside restaurant serves the purest ingredients and the freshest seafood directly from a small natural sea pool along with Mediterranean classic dishes and Mykocnian old recipes.

Have a totally unique experience by having your meal inside a seaside cave restaurant eating the finest of nature hearing all the surrounding environment’s sounds like the seagulls and the sea breeze.

At night the scenery becomes almost too good to be true with small lights on the table and some candles it is the absolute romantic spot for couples and peaceful hangouts. Some nights there are organized though and many special events with Dl’s if you prefer a touch of the Mykonian fame.

The service is professional and helpful and will assist you through with your decisions on what to choose among this great variety of dishes.

Accompany your delicious meal with one of the greek labels of wine offered and lay back, lost to relaxing thoughts and memories letting yourself indulge to real joy and happiness.

We love “Spilia Seaside” for…

  • the extraordinaire location
  • the relaxing environment
  • the super fresh seafood