Tharroe of Mykonos

Tharroe of Mykonos is one of those hotels in Mykonos that make a difference among the dozens of others and over the years became a legend.

Located in the area of Vryssi in Mykonos stands at the end of a narrow street that leads at the very edge of a high cliff. The view is just too hard to describe and the feelings too overwhelming to be explained with words.

Tharroe of Mykonos is a totally unique hotel in the island with long history in hospitality and good services that always offer the best of the best to its guests at all levels of elegance and professionalism, taking nothing for granted and therefore overcomes itself every summer, proving that you have to try for the best continually and with no limits.

Each and every single room reflects the grace and the glamor of Mykonos and are a very strong reason why the hotel’s reputation remain so high and unquestioned as the years and summer pass by.

The view from the rooms and the outside common areas gives you the impression that you have just dive into a dreamy place on a cloud in the sky from where the best seat have been given to you and only, so you can gaze eternally this heavenly picture that seems touched by an angel’s hand.

Sea breeze cooling of your Noons under the sun by the pool and the bar and the night air that will allow you to inhale the Aegean’s salty taste in a short breath.

Many lavish services and facilities made exclusively for every guest will travel you beyond your wildest dreams and will give you this extra push you need to lay back quickly and allow the friendly staff to initiate you to what you know as the Greek way of life.

We love “Tharroe of Mykonos” for…

  • the idyllic location
  • the short distance from the beaches
  • the lavish facilities