Uno con Carne

Uno con Carne is located in the center of Mykonos Chora in a beautiful backyard style large space. The menu for many years was dedicated to the meat lovers from all over the world but recently it has been enriched a bit by adding an extra sushi menu and an oyster bar.

Today Uno con Carne is absolutely a meeting point for dinner in Chora standing here for many summers making sure that the visitors of Mykonos will get the whole picture as far as the rich taste and flavors are concerned.

The chef has created meat plates including fresh suggestions, so you will have a fine dinner that will enjoy definitely. It is a perfect closing for an already perfect day on the island and perhaps the ideal starting point if you would like to continue the night out partying somewhere, since you will need some extra energy.

The environment is relaxing and elegant with white tones in the furniture and colorful lights to brighten up the corners and the sky. The tables are all set with porcelain plates and crystal glasses and high back chairs give a royal-ish style.

The polite staff will help you through with the menu and the options you have and will make you feel cozy and cheerful with the simplicity and the authentic smiles.

A restaurant that you have to visit at least once during your stay to the island and a place to meet with friends and family to understand why everyone falling in love with Mykonos and its ability to composes memorable vacations.

We love “Uno con Carne” for…

  • the extra fine meat creations
  • the unique oyster bar
  • the excellent service